getView from CustomizedAdapter called several times

by Ola Ingvaldsen » Thu, 23 Jul 2009 16:20:32 GMT

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  am having the same problem. In my case it only happens if I specify my own
layout using setContentView in onCreate() of my ListActivity. If i use the
standard layout i get correct number of calls to getView.

The thing is that if I have 5 items in my list i suspect the first 5 calls
to getView to have convertView=null each time. But its not. First time its
null, then the next 5 calls have the same convertView as the previous call
and then 5 more calls where the convertView is null. So the first 6 calls
to getView only results in changing the first element 5 times more than
whats necessary. After the 5 first calls the convertView is null and the
rest of the items in the list are filled out correctly. But when i scroll
down the list, we have 10 more calls again.

Does anybody have an idea whats wrong? Or how it can be avoided?

I have no weights in my layout at all. Its just a simple textView with a
status message and a listView.


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getView from CustomizedAdapter called several times

by Romain Guy » Thu, 03 Sep 2009 00:02:37 GMT

 here's nothing wrong with this, it can (and it will in some
situations) happen. getView() is not guaranteed to be called exactly
once per item. It happens for instance when you set the list/grid with
a height=wrap_content.

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