MediaRecorder - No value other than 0 returned from getMaxAmplitude

by Dave Sparks » Sun, 01 Feb 2009 03:04:00 GMT

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 Are you running on a G1 or on the emulator? If on the emulator, maybe
audio input isn't working correctly and it's failing to open the audio
input device.


MediaRecorder - No value other than 0 returned from getMaxAmplitude

by nicolas cosson » Sun, 01 Feb 2009 08:09:46 GMT

 are you testing it on the emulator or on the G1 device?

I'm not sure about it but I've read around some forums that you need a
virtual sd card to record audio on the emulator. (with the
mksdcard.exe in the tools provided with the sdk)
Some other sources also say it isn't possible to record audio on the
emulator yet.

Check if you can read/hear what you have recorded since you are using
a sdcard, maybe the sdcard is too small.

Why would you use a thread to return the max amplitude?

I am myself looking forward to record audio on the emulator and
constantly find contradictory informations about whether it's possible
or not.
the manual says it's not.

Any insight about that is appreciated in addition to the upper


On 31 jan, 15:12, ""


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MediaRecorder - No value other than 0 returned from getMaxAmplitude

by Dave Sparks » Sun, 01 Feb 2009 12:18:21 GMT

 You shouldn't have to reboot the device. The release() call just
forces the release of the hardware resources instead of waiting for
the garbage collector to come along.

You should always call release() in your onPause() if you are using a
singleton hardware resource like a media player, media recorder,
camera, etc.


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