Capturing Screenshots on Sprint HTC Hero (Problems)

by Sidepart » Tue, 10 Nov 2009 02:08:09 GMT

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 I've seen a few guides around that show that people are able to
capture screenshots of their phone using the Android SDK tool 'ddms'.
I personally haven't been able to accomplish this successfully.  I've
tried it on 5 different computers running Windows XP Pro, and also
with Windows Vista Business and Windows 7 Pro.  Each time I'm met with
the following:

Phone is recognized in ddms.  I try to capture the screen, the
screenshot box comes up and says "screen is not available".

The ddms console window shows "W/ddms: got partial reply from ADB fb:"
and then dumps a bunch of zeros on the next line (HEX patterns I

I KNOW some of you have been able to capture screens with the Sprint
HTC Hero.  If that's the case, let's see some information here to try
and troubleshoot this.  Post operating systems, SDK versions, java
versions, and maybe any identifying things about your HTC Hero (Evdo
Rev. A or 0?  I don't think it'd matter though).

 Here are a few things I've tried:

1. Several different computers.
2. All 3 32-bit Windows Operating Systems.
3. Rebooting the phone while connected to the PC.
4. Removing the HTC USB driver and installing the one included with
the SDK.
5. Factory resetting my phone (in case an app was causing a problem).

I really want to see if this is a common issue.  App developers need
to be able to make these kinds of screen captures, and so do people
who run websites and perform other types of press work.  I know there
are a few programs out there that screen capture if you root your
device.  I haven't really found a reliable guide for rooting the Hero
and I would prefer not to void a warranty here.


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