How do I correctly manage the activity stack in this instance?

by Tom Gibara » Fri, 29 May 2009 05:00:13 GMT

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 I'm working to finish a small application, but I'm having problems seeing
what combination of activity attributes and intent flags I need to achieve
my intended application design. Trying my best not to describe the app in
minute detail, here's the basic operation (I've supplied screenshots in the
hope it makes sense easily):
Users have a garden which contains flowers (GardenActivity). 

They can tap on a garden to see details of flowers (FlowerActivity) 

When flowers are fully grown a notification provided, tapping on the
notification displays the garden containing the flower. 

Users can also use the GardenActivity as a picker to choose flowers to
"exhibit" (ConfigureActivity) 

I want the app to operate so that if the user already has a GardenActivity
somewhere in the stack (whether it's at the top, or underneath a
FlowerActivity) the notification will alert the user by bringing that
activity to the front (clearing any FlowerActivity that may be above it).
combination (without changing any activity launch modes) on the
notification's pending intent, but it still launches a new GardenActivity,
even if one is already available.

I've also tried using android:launchMode="singleTask" on GardenActivity. The
notifications then seem to work correctly, but it prevents GardenActivity
from returning any result back to ConfigureActivity.

Any help appreciated, I'm stumped by this at the moment.



How do I correctly manage the activity stack in this instance?

by Mike Hearn » Fri, 29 May 2009 05:24:56 GMT

 Are you sure having a notification re-order the backstack like that is
a good idea? My understanding is:

I open garden A
I open garden B   (pressing back gets me to A)
I open garden C
I put the phone to sleep. At some point a notification appears. I
press it.
The notification opens garden A.
Now I expect pressing back to return me to garden C, then B, then A
again. Not C, then B, then the home screen or whatever.


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