any 'android for dummies' resources out there?

by Sonik » Sat, 01 Nov 2008 18:50:36 GMT

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 I learned a bit of mIRC scripting back in the day and kind of get the
idea of what's needed and being done. I'm just having problems
connecting A to B.

I could hammer you with about 30?s but....I'll just start here and see
if I have a chance at this..

In Eclipse I see a folder/file structure.

There are 4 files which seem to need editing for an ?activity? to run
correctly., main.xml, strings.xml and AndroidManifest.xml.

How would you define these files
for instance: strings.xml - Appears to be a simple storage file for
strings used in the other files.

I thought I understood from the helloandroid tutorial that the
'activity' could be completely written using only the xml files, but I
keep finding I'm stumbling into the file.

I'm sure half of what I stated above is incorrect and would appreciate
and corrections.

Thanks, Sonik.


any 'android for dummies' resources out there?

by Sunit Katkar » Sat, 01 Nov 2008 19:01:51 GMT

 At the risk of shameless self promotion :) I can suggest you my tutorial for
getting started 

- Sunit Katkar - Android Tutorials 

- Sunit Katkar


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any 'android for dummies' resources out there?

by gymshoe » Thu, 06 Nov 2008 00:24:57 GMT

 it depends on whether you are new to android AND java, or just new to


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