Fetching Images , audios and videos....

by gunaaa » Wed, 14 May 2008 13:21:12 GMT

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 How to fetch the images and ringtones of the emulator into our own
application.... What is the path i have to give... Actually its in
data/system/audio/ringtone.mp3 .... Anyone know about how to fetch

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1. source code of libcamera, liboemcamera and libaudio

Hi all,

I'm new in this group. I would like to read natively the camera buffer
and write natively to the audio buffer via the Android NDK r3 via
"dlopen" and I would like to know where is the source of
"libcamera.so" (android::QualcommCameraHardware class),
"liboemcamera.so" and "libaudio.so" (android:AudioHardware class).

Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance,

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2. ARGB and BGRA format

Hi Mathias,

Even I'm facing the same problem with ARGB_32 format. My hardware
expects BGRA_32 format i.e. A(32-24)R(24-16)G(16-8)B(8-0) bits and
surface is also created with this format.. But I see the
PIXEL_FORMAT_ARGB_8888 in the format.cpp with Red and Blue bits
swapped like A(32-24)B(24-16)G(16-8)R(8-0).

 I swap the red and blue bytes of the pixel data before creating my
texture.When I launch my application which shows the all the running
applications in a small window, a proper yellow texture or tinted
window through which I see my icons as in case of when we select icons
from menu. As I'm doing  shifting and ORing operation on every 4 bytes
of pixel data, the system is getting really slow and I believe its not
a right way to do. Isn't it ?

In format.cpp , for the pixel format GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_ARGB_8888 , I
inter changed changed the offset of red and blue bits. Now When I
launch my application I can see blue window instead of yellow . Is
this a right way to do it.

I also see a PIXEL_FORMAT_BGRA_8888 in same format.cpp  which
satishfies my need. So I change the format in EGLDisplaySurface.cpp to
GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_BGRA_8888. But this don't seem to help me as I'm a
seeing blank screen when I launch my above said application. Please
let me know a proper way to do make use of BGRA_8888 format. Also
where all should I change in Android If select this format.

Please help regarding these issues


On Dec 9 2008, 8:00 am, Mathias Agopian <pixelflin...@google.com>

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