yang mau bongkar Nexus one

by eric symitra dayan » Fri, 14 May 2010 11:01:15 GMT

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 Yang punya Ncus One, Yang mau bongkar  ini linknya :


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1. Intercepting outgoing data sms

I'm trying to figure out if it's possible for some third party
application to read the content of an outgoing data sms.
I send a data sms by calling SmsManager.sendDataMessage(...).
Is there a way to intercept this by using either public or _private_ api?

I'm trying to share a secret key with the service on the other side so
it can send me an encrypted message that no other app installed can
understand. If it is possible to intercept this message I'll have to
think of another way to share the key. (e.g. over a web service)

Rooted phones or other non-standard system images are of no concern
since those users did that on purpose. All I want is to make sure that
John Doe is safe.

-- Urs

2. Fwd: openCORE 1.x (cupcake) CPM plugin

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Date: Sep 4, 10:09am
Subject: openCORE 1.x (cupcake) CPM plugin
To: android-platform

This forum (android-platform) is dedicated to people contributing to
the Android Open-Source Project, and the Android Open-Source Project
only accepts direct contributions in the master branch (which has
OpenCORE 2.x). Android-porting is the right group for people porting
or modifying older versions of the source code in ways that don't
result in improvements to the source code, which seems to be the case
for your specific question.


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