Paid apps supported in Canada?

by Agus » Wed, 11 Nov 2009 04:04:21 GMT

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1. Bug in WebView highlight (and workaround)

I am seeing an annoying bug in WebView on the G1.

I have a WebView that displays an HTML page. When the user clicks on a link,
the link's text is highlighted.

At this point, I call WebView.clearView(), and then
WebView.loadDataWithBaseURL() to load the URL that the user has just clicked

When the new page finally shows, the WebView somehow still remembers the
previous highlight area. If the user clicks on the WebView again, a "phantom
highlight" at the old location will flash quickly.

The phantom highlight also appears when the user moves the trackball.

There are other cases where this bug would appear. For example, if you use
JavaScript to make portions of the page visible/hidden (using
STYLE:display='none', etc), and then the user moves the trackball, wrong
areas of the page will be highlighted.

I have a work-around: if the WebView's scrollX == 0, I send a faked touch
up/down event at position (0,0). This would have the effect of cancelling
the highlights (because I know tbe webview's margin is 8 pixels so there's
nothing clickable at 0,0). I didn't think because I couldn't find an proper
API for clearing the highlight.

Still, I wonder if this has been fixed in cupcake.



2. Help with porting onto i900.

Hi there. I'm a very big fan of the samsung i900 apart from the small
factor of it running windows mobile.
I've been reading through this post in particular
is there anyway of porting android over to the i900 in an easier way
than FELLA_ seems to be because i'm no linux expert and don't know how
any of the linux cammands.
please help with this..


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