saving and restoring scrollbar position

by Stefan » Sat, 14 Mar 2009 02:11:15 GMT

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I have an ExpandableListView with lots of elements in it. I need to
remember how much the list is scrolled, save it and later on restore
the list scrolled at the same position.
Because of that I have two problems:

First: how to get the scrolled coordinates?
I tried with getScrollX() and getScrollY(), but they are always
returning (0,0) . I also tried getGlobalVisibleRect(), no success

Second: Once I have the coordinates how do I restore them?
Again I tried using the provided scrollTo() and scrollBy() functions
(not with real values cause i can't get them). The list is scrolled,
great, but the scrollbar stays in its initial position, not great at
all. I again also tried requestRectangleOnScreen, but again no success

This tasks seems to me that should not be so difficult to accomplish,
but nevertheless I have no idea how to. Any help will be greatly


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