adb causing 100% cpu usage

by tarzan » Fri, 23 Oct 2009 02:24:38 GMT

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whenever any (non-android) java project in my eclipse ide is built, a
"Loading Android Sdk Content" Job is started although no android
project is open. Furthermore adb is started in the background, causing
100% CPU usage. When killing adb DDMS prints:

[2009-10-22 13:51:29 - DeviceMonitor]Adb connection Error:EOF
[2009-10-22 13:51:29 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 1
[2009-10-22 13:51:30 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 2
[2009-10-22 13:51:31 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 3
[2009-10-22 13:51:32 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 4
[2009-10-22 13:51:33 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 5
[2009-10-22 13:51:34 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 6
[2009-10-22 13:51:35 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 7
[2009-10-22 13:51:36 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 8
[2009-10-22 13:51:37 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 9
[2009-10-22 13:51:38 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 10
[2009-10-22 13:51:39 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 11

on the console, then restarts adb, which again causes 100% cpu usage.

Has anyone else witnessed this behaviour?

i just filed this bug about it: 



Re: adb causing 100% cpu usage

by Josh Steiner » Tue, 07 Dec 2010 04:16:34 GMT

 I'm seeing the 100% cpu usage issue after updating my SDK to the 8.0.0
release.  Whenever I run adb it takes 100% cpu and I get those same
EOF, connection attempts in my console.

Not sure how to get around this.

Ubuntu 10.10 32bit



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