Context from which to initiate Service via Alarm Manager; Application Model Questions

by 3D » Fri, 31 Oct 2008 07:44:37 GMT

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 I've created a simple app. to help me better understand a few key
components in the real app I'm making.  A snippet of what I've done:

- an Activity is launched (lets call it the Home Activity) -> from
here I schedule an alarm -> the alarm sets off a Pending Intent that
starts a Service.

- the above steps appear to do what I want them to do.

My questions:

- is a scheduled alarm persistent with respect to its creating process
(I believe so) ?  If the Home Activity is destroyed, the alarm still
goes off, correct?

- the PendingIntent that the alarm calls as well as the Intent nestled
within both have a Context of the Home Activity.  Is this a problem?
Does the system launch the Home Activity again (if it has been
destroyed since scheduling the alarm) just to launch the Service?

- the Service does its task (some networking which will take a couple
seconds) and then possibly creates a notification before killing
itself (the alarm is repeating so it will get called again later).
Does the Service need to make a new Thread to do its work in?  The
user is not interacting with the Home Activity at this point so I
don't think a new Thread is needed.

I think that sums up my questions for now.  Advice will be greatly


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