Official way to search for nearby businesses?

by Lance Nanek » Fri, 04 Sep 2009 02:47:58 GMT

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 Does anyone know the proper way to search for nearby businesses in
your own application? I'll cover several things I've tried below, but
they either don't work or require a lot of extra code.

GeoCoder#getFromLocationName works for specific place queries like
"white house". It returns nothing for something like "restaurant near
boston", however. I tested on both my T-Mobile G1 and in the 1.5_r3
SDK emulator. The blog specifically says it can be used to "search for
businesses", however: 

There is a related issue in the tracker, but it's been marked released
with no comment: 

Giving up on GeoCoder, sending an ACTION_VIEW Intent with a  "geo:0,0?
q=restaurant+near+boston" URI works great for the built in Maps
application, but sending it to my own subclass of MapActivity just
shows the default map you see when starting it normally.

Using an HttpURLConnection to " 
+near+boston&output=kml" would get me the data, but then requires
writing a KML parser and calculating distances on my own.

Anyone have any advice?

Lance Nanek

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