by salman javed » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:01:52 GMT

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1. meaning of "processing"


What does this mean (specifically "processing")?

[2009-09-05 23:13:09 - HelloActivity] processing

In this case, BasicMotorPort.class is in a jar that is in the build
path of my Android project in Eclipse.

In this case, [2009-09-05 23:13:09 - HelloActivity] processing

Connection.class is _not_ on the class path.  It may be used by a
class the Android project but I rather expect some error to be thrown
that the class can't be found.

Could it be a bug where possible it was in the classpath but is not now?



2. Popup a spinner when clicking on a TextView


How can I popup a spinner when clicking on a TextView?
I then like to choose a value an return this value for display in the
TextView, similar how a
Date/Time picker works.

Many thanks,
Regards Jonas.


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