by salman javed » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:01:52 GMT

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1. Multitouch: Two buttons at the same time?

Hi, I'm planning to develop a small jump and run game and wondered how
to recognize two button presses at one time. For example, I want to
run left and jump during running. Is it possible to catch both button
presses on the touch?

Regards, Florian


2. Android Game Framework ?

Me, and I think, many other developers, always tried to write some

Problem with a game, is a complexity of technic stuff. Complexity,
means learning. Learning is great, but takes time.

I think, Android needs a game framework. Something like SDL or more,
XNA from Microsoft. Of course, we can use Canvas to draw, but it is
slow. We can use OpenGL, but after two days of learning I still do not
know how to draw f** background. Of course, I will do that. Some
day :) But state and flags-ful OGL interface is really hard to
understand if you go from wonderful world of objective thinking.

I just want to focus on creating art, not wondering how to create
tools for that.

I'm worrying, really worring about Android and games. M$ has XNA,
porting it to Zune with Tegra. After that, XNA will come to WinMo. If
you ever used C# and XNA, you know, how simple and great it is. What
does it mean ? Thousands of games for Microsoft Mobile Junk and still
no great games for Android. Worst. Many Android developers will go to
WinMo for XNA. Many games will be easily ported from Xbox Arcade too.

And we will be wasting time, wondering, how to get 25fps from Canvas
or OpenGL. Without sound.

Now, I think, is the time to do something with that. Android really
needs something like XNA, to allow us producing games without all that
technic stuff like OpenGL, game loops with managing threads, times,
buffers, right pixel format settings and others.

What you think about official game framework for Android ?

Is Google working on something like that ?


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