by salman javed » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:01:52 GMT

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1. show information after click on overlay


i work on two map based application, where i can save important points
with text or image (first software). In the second software i want to
draw overlays on the map with the important points (draw a bitmap,
works fine).
So i try to develop a overlay class. What kind of overlay is the best
solution and how can i show the information (text and image).
I try to solve my problem with ItemizedOverlay and the onTap()
function. I get the correct index if i click on one bitmap. But i dont
know, how i can popup the information (text or image). Must i
implement a transparent panel and then show the information in that
panel? i dont want to see only a Toast. The user should decide himself
when he wants to close the information.
What i want is something similar to the google maps application: If i
click in the map, a popup shows the latitude/longitude or the

Thanks in advance,


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3. Can someone explain the correct way to use android:layout_toRightOf?

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