Eclipse + cupcake + other android projects in build path = VerifyError

by Evan JIANG » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 18:22:19 GMT

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 Well, I met the same issue.
Does anyone have any idea about this?

Best regards,
On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 11:14 PM, Guillaume Perrot


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1. InputMethod feature problem

Dear Android Team,

             I found that there is some problem in input method feature.
When we switch between two keyboards say "Android keyboard" and "Japanese
Keyboard".  This switch is not happening. Only at the first time switch is
proper, next time onwards its not working. I found that the problem lies
because of  variable "mCurSeq" present in
file . This current binding sequence number, is incremented every time
whenever there is a new bind performed. And, it is getting incremented twice
every time a new input method is selected i.e. when we swicth between two
keybaords. On the first increment its value is getting stored in
"mBindSequence" variable which is present in file.
So, "mBinderSequence" value is one less than "mCurSeq". In the file the value of "mCurSeq" and "mBinderSequence" is
getting compared as shown in the following code


if (mBindSequence == sequence) // sequence is mCurSeq
          if (false)
                // XXX the server has already unbound!
                if (mCurMethod != null && mCurrentTextBoxAttribute != null)
                    catch (RemoteException e)
                           Log.w(TAG, "IME died: " + mCurId, e);

The if condition is becoming false and because of this keybaord is not
refreshing. Please tell me the reason to use sequence number technique,
because it is not workinh fine here.
I have fixed the problem, but I want to understand the reason to use
sequence number. Why can't we use a constant sequence number as done in case
of MSG_SHOW_SOFT_INPUT case in handlemessage function in file.

Thanks & Regards
Rakesh Kumar


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Asal ada duid.
Apapun bisa dibeli di jkt :)

have you googled anything today?

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Dijakarta sudah tersedia bebas gak ya? :)
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