Problem in Starting GDBserver

by Ved » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 11:51:13 GMT

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I have downloaded "gdb 6.6" and built it on linux machine using
"configure" and "make"(not cross compiled).

I pushed the executable file that ll be generated in "/gdb 6.6/gdb/
gdbserver/gdbserver" directory on to emulator using "adb push".

the steps followed are same as given at " 

i just want to start gdbserver and to debug native service like
opencore etc,

after pushing gdbserver executable file on to emulator if i run
# ./gdbserver host:1234 --attach 187

or any other command it say " Syntax error : "(" Unexpected"

Can any one suggest me what is goin wrong here.

it would be of great help.



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