shared private component between application

by guillaume leterrier (Teleca Germany) » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 17:25:50 GMT

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If 2 applications are signed with the same developer key, and ask to
run with a shared UID,  are all private components of each application
accessible from the other application ?

Is it also true, if they do not share the same UID ?

I mean as private component, a component not exported or without
intent filter.
I also consider that there are no permission restrictions to the
private component access.


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2. Samsung Adopts ARM鈥檚 Next Generation Mali-T604 GPU

Samsung lagi kaya kebakaran jenggot, hehe... hajar terus bleh \(`_)bd(_)/

========= terjemahin ndiri yah.

ARM just announced the availability of their next generation Mali-T604 GPU
that promises to deliver isually rich user experiences not previously seen
i consumer electronics devices.Sounds great! So who getting it? ARM
specifically points out that Samsung was the first eager beaver to step up
as the first licensee of the chipset. Samsung Hummingbird in their current
Galaxy devices is already ARM-based, so we can only assume that this step up
will be crammed into a Galaxy lineup refresh that we expect to see sometime
in late 2011. The chip includes support for OpenCL and DirectX and was
designed specifically for general purpose GPU computing, says ARM.

< http://www.***.com/ ;

The only question that remains: but can it play Crysis? Wel have to wait
until Samsung announces their plans for their new generation of devices that
wel probably be hearing about in the middle of next year. Press release

*ARM Heralds New Era In Embedded Graphics With Next-Generation Mali GPU*

10 November 2010

Samsung first to gain access to new Mali graphics technology

SANTA CLARA, CA, USA NOV.10, 2010 ARM today introduced the ARM
MaliT604 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) at the ARM Technology Conference
2010 in Santa Clara, bringing innovative and compelling visual computing to
next generation consumer electronics devices. Delivering up to 5x
performance improvement over current Mali graphics processors, the Mali-T604
provides industry-leading graphics performance with an energy-efficient
profile. The Mali-T604 enables visually rich user experiences not previously
seen in consumer electronics devices, scaling from smartphones to high-end
digital entertainment systems. The Mali-T604 is currently available to
license by lead partners. Samsung, who is already a licensee of the Mali
graphic processor technology, will be the first ARM Partner who can gain
access to the Mali-T604.

isual computing is driving the next generation of consumer electronics, as
consumers and developers demand the highest levels of graphics performance
said Lance Howarth, EVP and general manager, Media Processing Division, ARM.
he tri-pipe architecture in the Mali-T604 provides both market leading
compute functionality and high-performance graphics without compromise,
enabling unequalled user experiences in energy-efficient consumer electronic
The debut of the scalable, multicore Mali-T604 GPU raises the performance
bar for visual computing in the consumer electronics space, including
mobiles, tablets, DTVs and automotive infotainment. The innovative tri-pipe
graphics architecture within the Mali-T604 GPU, addresses the
ever-increasing computationally intensive demand inherent in next generation
interactive user interfaces and {*filter*}.

llegorithmic is e{*filter*}d by the announcement of Mali-T604 with its enhanced
GPGPU capabilities which will make it possible for procedural content to be
computed on the device, said Dr Sbastien Deguy, Founder and CEO,
Allegorithmic. enabling higher-quality graphics, reduced memory bandwidth
and footprint, and best of all, reduced energy consumption.
ARM fourth-generation GPU is specifically designed to meet the needs of
General Purpose computing on GPU (GPGPU) and extends API support to include
full profile KhronosOpenCLand Microsoft DirectX. Support for GPGPU is
becoming increasingly important for enhanced Augmented Reality applications
and gesture recognition.

hronos congratulates ARM on the announcement of the Mali-T604 and its plan
to support full profile OpenCL 1.1 on both ARMv7 CPUs and the GPU. The
OpenCL 1.1 specification was announced by the Khronos organization in June
2010 and is a significant milestone in enabling GPU computing on embedded
devices said Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group and Chair of the
OpenCL Working Group.hronos is committed to the development and promotion
of royalty-free, open standards that enable heterogeneous computing with
portability across multiple vendorssilicon solutions, growing the total
market for applications that use GPU compute technology.
The Mali-T604 brings innovative, patented techniques reducing memory
bandwidth consumption, by up to 30%, substantially improving system level
energy-efficiency. The Mali-T604 fully exploits ARM Cache Coherent
Interconnect (CCI-400) to deliver a memory coherent system with the recently
announced CortexA15 MPCore Bringing the key resources together into an
optimized coherent system enables higher performance and more efficient data
sharing, maximizing throughput in ARM compute sub-systems.

About Mali Graphics Technology
The Mali GPU family scales from the smallest GPU in the world through to
scalable multicore solutions for high frame-rate HD devices. It is widely
adopted, currently having 31 licensees and ships in a growing range of
consumer electronics devices. Building on the heritage of Mali-400 MP, the
Mali-T604 is ARM fourth-generation GPU and is the first member of a new
family of GPUs based on the Midgard architecture which all use a common
software driver, minimising software upgrade costs for future
implementations. The Mali-T604 delivers up to 5x performance improvement
over previous Mali graphics processors and is specifically designed to meet
the needs of General Purpose computing on GPU (GPGPU). Together with its
comprehensive ecosystem of Partners, ARM is uniquely positioned to offer IP
and tools which address the complete range of graphics development
activities from System-on-Chip integration and software development
through to content creation and optimization.

Read full article at

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