how to get contacts in SIM card?

by Burne Xu » Wed, 17 Dec 2008 02:34:41 GMT

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Have a beautiful sunday

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2. What does `adb install' do under the hood?

Hi everybody, this is my first post ever. I hope this is not a stupid
question :-)
I noticed that there are three ways to install an app in an android device:
1. adb install <some-app>
2. adb shell && pm install <some-app>
3. you can manually push the apk file to /system/app or /data/app
Are there differences among these three methods?
I used to believe that the android package manager keeps a list of apps
installed on the device, and thus can quickly locate an app for intents.
But option 3 above seems to suggest that it doesn't. So what does `adb
install' really do?

Sincerely Yours,
Chi Zhang
College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University


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