NotepadV3 Issues

by Olly » Fri, 10 Sep 2010 00:22:32 GMT

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I am only a beginner to Android, but I have noticed a number of things
that seem a little strange in the third notepad tutorial:

- The tutorial explicitly states that you need to call saveState from
BOTH onSaveInstanceState and onPause. Is this really necessary? It
seems to me from reading the process life-cycle documentation that
onPause will always be called before the Activity is killed,
regardless of whether it is done so by the system or the user. If this
is the case, surely just calling saveState from onPause is sufficient?
- Calling populateFields() in both onResume and onCreate is pointless,
since onResume is always called after onCreate anyway. Hence if I
understand correctly, the call in onCreate serves no useful purpose
and can be safely removed.

Could someone please either confirm these points, or let me know what
I have misunderstood.



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