Is it just me or do you have to press one button too many to switch off the G1?

by » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 08:15:05 GMT

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1. Code Signing & Google Developer Day 2008 in London

I went and it was a very interesting intro for me. I worked with
embedded systems in the mid 90's, J2ME in the early 00s', and saw some
interesting things in the demos (including an Android device which
looks pretty much ready for market).

I raised some ideas about using code signing to create "app shops"
whereby anyone can create a cryptographic signature to say they
believe an application is trustworthy which will lend the weight of
their reputation to an application.

This means that carriers could sign applications which they're happy
for their customers to use, hardware vendors can sign applications
they're happy to run on their hardware, and the end user can run any
app they want but they're presented with some warnings if it has not
been signed by a "trusted" source.

Users can control who is on their trusted source list which puts them
in the same position that they are when they purchase anything else,
they can make a decision based on brand name associated with the
vendor (e.g. some people will be more willing to buy a cheap product
if it is sold by Wal-Mart than if it is sold by Ma & Pas' shack of

Trust signatures would not be exclusive, the manifest could support
multiple signatures so that a single manifest can provide signatures
from several trusted sources and the phone can check for a trusted
source and if none has been found it can show who has signed the app
as trusted.

I'm going to flesh this out in my blog a bit, but hopefully it will
result in something useful.



2. Seeking an Android Developer

Caranya mudah, anda derma ikhlas duit raya rm10 kepada saya,
Nanti sejumlah rm1000 kawan-kawan akan dermakan kepada anda..
Langkahnye mudah, daftar,derma rm10 dan anda promote link anda,,
Ingat!! kawan-kawan tidak akan menderma selagi anda tidak menderma kepada
Link dibawah ini membantu anda..

Anda nantikan duit raya mencurah-curah datang kepada anda...
Bersedekah ini amalan mulia..


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