how to integrate a mjpeg decoder into open core framework

by dadaowuwei » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:05:47 GMT

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I am quite new for android onpencore framework and have some
questions  for integrating process of a new openmax mjpeg component

1. can I directly inherit the omx_component_video class to form my own
mjpeg component?
2. how pvmf consumes the output buffer of the component, what kind of
decoded data should i put onto the output buffer so that these data
will be recognized by pvmf and played (this helps me to design my
3. when pvmf  first sends fillthisbuffer command to component,I wonder
how pvmf could indicate the component where the file is?
4. If the file needs to be serialized before filling in the input
buffer and who serialize it component or pvmf?

thank you very much,
Best Regards,



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