Anyway to place camera preview onto xml defined surfaceview?

by chrispix » Tue, 16 Dec 2008 06:05:13 GMT

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 I have been messing with the issue for days to try and place the
camera preview onto a surfaceview defined in my xml layout. Main
reason I am trying to do this is to place it onto a tabview.

used to tie to the surface view to paint.
So on the Preview API  example, if I changed it from
mHolder = getHolder();
SurfaceView mysurfaceview = (SurfaceView)findViewById
mHolder = mysurfaceview.getHolder;

My app compiles fine, but crashes @ runtime.

That should work, but I don't think I have seen an application YET
where the camera preview is loaded onto a SurfaceView. I am able to
resize the preview using the width and height, but that does not
really help as I can't seem to position the view where I need it to


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