Iconic list View gets very slow when a service (running music) starts in the background

by Dianne Hackborn » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 05:41:55 GMT

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 Does the same thing happen in the standard music app?  If not, have you
looked at the code for that app to see what it may be doing different?


Iconic list View gets very slow when a service (running music) starts in the background

by Prajakta Shitole » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 05:56:15 GMT

 Hi Dianne,

This does not happen in the standard music app. Thanks for guiding, I will
look into the standard music app code to check what it does differently.



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Iconic list View gets very slow when a service (running music) starts in the background

by Prajakta Shitole » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 14:29:34 GMT


My list view is slow due to a different reason. It is not due to the service
which runs in the background. My list view gets slow due to my logic
implementation. The service runs in the background and does not affect the
list view which runs on the main UI thread.



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1. Please Help! Service seems to sleep when phone is inactive

Hi everybody,

I'm new to android, but I am picking up speed quickly. I've spent the
last several years writing Windows services. So I am not a complete
newbie in this area.

I've written a test service to understand how android implements a
service. I believe I understand the difference between
Context.startService and Context.bindService. If I am not mistaken,
Context.startService will tell android to keep this service running,
even after the Activity that started it has ended.

While testing the service, I have come across something interesting.

My problem is that the service appears to sleep or pause for a few
hours, run a short time, and then sleep for a few more hours, then run
a short time, etc when the phone has become inactive. In other words,
when I am doing things on the phone the service is doing what is is
supposed to. But after I have finished doing things on the phone and
the screen goes blank the service appears to sleep or pause. I don't
know if I have implemented the service wrong or if this is how Android
services work.

The test service I have written simply sets a postDelayed handler to
increment++ a variable in the Runnable every minute, and then write
the value of that variable and a timestamp to a file (log.txt) on the
sd card. This how I know that the service appears to sleep. Because
there are gaps in the timestamp that correspond to when the phone was
inactive. If the service were truly active the whole time, there
should be a line item in the log.txt file every minute.

period there are only 36 line items with time stamps ranging from
10:27 PM through 9:23 AM. If the service was running and active the
whole time there should be over 600 lines in the text file. The phone
was on AC power the whole time so Android should not have tried to
stop services due to power issues. The phone was not used or touched
from about midnight to 9 the next morning, so there should not have
been a low resource clean up.

I have spent several days looking for an answer and everything I can
find seems to validate that when a service is started and not bound,
it will stay running (http://code.google.com/android/reference/android/
app/Service.html). However, it appears it does not. Unless I have
completely missed the ball on this.

I have included the service.java and activity.java as well as the log
file. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am truly

Here is a sample log.txt

02/05/2009 10:27:02 PM: Service Created.
02/05/2009 10:27:02 PM: Service Started.
02/05/2009 10:27:07 PM: iCount = 1
02/05/2009 10:28:07 PM: iCount = 2
02/05/2009 10:29:07 PM: iCount = 3
02/05/2009 11:20:49 PM: iCount = 4
02/05/2009 11:31:11 PM: iCount = 5
02/05/2009 11:32:11 PM: iCount = 6
02/05/2009 11:33:16 PM: iCount = 7
02/05/2009 11:34:16 PM: iCount = 8
02/05/2009 11:35:16 PM: iCount = 9
02/05/2009 11:36:16 PM: iCount = 10
02/05/2009 11:37:16 PM: iCount = 11
02/05/2009 11:38:16 PM: iCount = 12
02/05/2009 11:39:16 PM: iCount = 13
02/05/2009 11:40:16 PM: iCount = 14
02/05/2009 11:41:16 PM: iCount = 15
02/05/2009 11:42:16 PM: iCount = 16
02/05/2009 11:43:17 PM: iCount = 17
02/05/2009 11:44:17 PM: iCount = 18
02/05/2009 11:45:17 PM: iCount = 19
02/05/2009 11:46:17 PM: iCount = 20
02/05/2009 11:47:17 PM: iCount = 21
02/05/2009 11:48:17 PM: iCount = 22
02/05/2009 11:55:58 PM: iCount = 23
02/06/2009 01:06:56 AM: iCount = 24
02/06/2009 03:07:41 AM: iCount = 25
02/06/2009 04:38:32 AM: iCount = 26
02/06/2009 06:54:49 AM: iCount = 27
02/06/2009 08:03:14 AM: iCount = 28
02/06/2009 08:57:50 AM: iCount = 29
02/06/2009 08:58:50 AM: iCount = 30
02/06/2009 08:59:50 AM: iCount = 31
02/06/2009 09:05:24 AM: iCount = 32
02/06/2009 09:06:24 AM: iCount = 33
02/06/2009 09:07:24 AM: iCount = 34
02/06/2009 09:08:24 AM: iCount = 35
02/06/2009 09:23:09 AM: iCount = 36
02/06/2009 09:23:17 AM: Service Destroyed.

Here is the service java file:


package bSoft.bService;

import java.io.FileWriter;
import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
import java.util.Calendar;

import android.app.Service;
import android.content.Intent;
import android.os.Binder;
import android.os.Handler;
import android.os.IBinder;

public class bService extends Service
     private long _iCount = 0;

     private Handler objHandler = new Handler();

     public void onCreate()

     SaveStatusData("Service Created.\n\n");

    public void onDestroy()


     SaveStatusData("Service Destroyed.\n\n");

     public void onStart(Intent intent, int startId)
     SaveStatusData("Service Started.\n\n");

          objHandler.postDelayed(doMonitoringTasks, 5000);

     public IBinder onBind(Intent intent)
          return binder;

     private final IBinder binder = new MyBinder();

     public class MyBinder extends Binder
          bService getService()
               return bService.this;

     private Runnable doMonitoringTasks = new Runnable()
          public void run()

               SaveStatusData("iCount = " + String.valueOf(_iCount));

               objHandler.postDelayed(doMonitoringTasks, 60000);

     public boolean SaveStatusData(String strTextToWrite)
          FileWriter objFileWriter = null;

               Calendar objCalendar = Calendar.getInstance();
               SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy
hh:mm:ss a");
               String strDate = sdf.format(objCalendar.getTime

              StringBuilder objStringBuilder = new StringBuilder();

              objStringBuilder.append(": ");

              objFileWriter = new FileWriter("/sdcard/log.txt", true);
          catch (Exception e)
               catch (Exception e2) { /*Do Nothing*/ }



Here is the Activity java:


package bSoft.bService;

import android.app.Activity;
import android.content.ComponentName;
import android.content.Context;
import android.content.Intent;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.Gravity;
import android.view.View;
import android.widget.Button;
import android.widget.Toast;

public class bServiceGUI extends Activity
     private boolean blnServiceConnected = false;

     public void onCreate(Bundle icicle)


          //Just started testing different ways to start the service.
          Intent objIntent = new Intent();
//        this.startService(new Intent(this.get, bService.class));


     private void ShowNotification(String strMsg, String strPosition)
         Context context = getApplicationContext();

          Toast toast = Toast.makeText(context, strMsg, 100);

         if (strPosition.equals("BOTTOM"))
          toast.setGravity(Gravity.BOTTOM, 0, 0);



     private void startMyService()
          ComponentName service = startService(new Intent(this,

          ShowNotification("Service Started", "BOTTOM");

     private void stopMyService()
              Intent i = new Intent();
              i.setClassName( "bSoft.bService",
"bSoft.bService.bService" );
              stopService( i );

               ShowNotification("Service Stopped", "BOTTOM");
          catch (Exception e){ /* Do Nothing */ }


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I have an Activity that has a WebView that contains some simple html
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clicked calls another activity.  My problem is unless the link in the
WebView has focus (ie, the text is wrapped with that little orange
focus) I cannot touch the link and have it work.  If any other view on
the activity has focus, touching the WebView with the link does
nothing.  The other Views that had focus loose focus, but the WebView
does not receive focus.  I have tried calling setFocusable(true) and
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I would really like to know what you have to do to get a WebView to
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