Finger gestures with current MBP

by Mariano Kamp » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 19:33:03 GMT

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  if you don't have a current MBP you can just move along to the next
message - nothing to see here.

  Now that we have the cupcake preview an old issue comes back. I can test
finger gestures with all computers, but my main-machine: a current model
MacBook Pro.

  Did anybody find out how to make the emulator detect finger gestures, e.g.
flings? I can see that onTouchEvent is called, but e.g. onFling() isn't.

  I double-tap my track pad, keep the finger on the pad and move it along.
Is there another technique?



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De : Mark Murphy <>
Envoy le : Mercredi, 24 Juin 2009, 14h08mn 24s
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