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by Kumar Bibek » Wed, 11 Aug 2010 04:34:41 GMT

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 Do you get an error? Check your logcat for some hints.

-Kumar Bibek 


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1. Android Market Business and Program Policies

Just read it at and 
compared it to

Concerning points;

- The 24 hour returns period is still there, but it says "from the time 
of purchase (not download)", the developer distribution agreement says 
in 3.4; "You authorize Google to give the buyer a full refund of the 
Product price if the buyer requests the refund within 48 hours after 
purchase.", so is it 24 or 48 hours?

- " Android Market does not provide upgrade functionality for any 
Products", I thought Market handled the upgrade process?

- If Google use the kill switch to remove an application they'll "make 
reasonable efforts to recover the purchase price of the Product", so if 
Google decide to pull your app they may come to developers for the costs 
of refunding users, even if it is for a reason that's no applicable in 
your territory (e.g. the agreement allows them to pull an app which 
violates a US patent even if you're UK based and only target non-US 
markets, or even if you break a law in violate any "legal agreements, 
laws, regulations or policies").

- "Google is not responsible for billing disputes arising from purchases 
on Android Market." compared to the dev distribution agreement which 
says "Products sold for less than $10 may be automatically charged back 
to the Developer"... so what is it, do Google do auto chargebacks or is 
it all down to the developer?

This looks like a real train wreck of two different documents referring 
to the same system saying very different things!!!


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2. What happens between two View.onDraw calls? (Game, FPS)

> I still wonder about what's going on behind the scene. When I operate

Pretty much yes.

It's mostly that you get rid of the cost of the invalidate/onDraw code
path. This code path is not meant for game and does a lot of things
that are totally useless to you (clipping, animations, children
reordering, etc.)

Romain Guy
Android framework engineer

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3. What happens between two View.onDraw calls? (Game, FPS)

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