OS mobile development conference invitation

by Abdullah Bakhach » Wed, 14 Jan 2009 03:24:26 GMT

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 FOSSLC < http://www.fosslc.org/> ; & FOSS Factory
< http://www.fossfactory.org/> ;cordially
invite you to attend a free mini-workshop about open source software
development on the mobile platform.

Experts in their fields, speakers will introduce the applications they have
developed and will give mini-tutorials about how to develop modest
applications on the iPhone, Android and Openmoko platforms.  There will also
be an open panel discussion.


*Jay Freeman (Saurik) < http://www.saurik.com/> ;*
Internationally renowned for his contributions to open source applications
in various platforms.  Created Cydia for the iPhone: an alternative to
installer which offers developers much more flexibility when developing
their apps.

*Dulpreet Singh*
CTO of Life360 < http://www.life360.com/> ;, a service that allows customers to
use the web to manage everything related to their family's safety, security,
and communications in one place.  Life360 was one of the top
10< http://code.google.com/android/adc_gallery/> ;in Android's developer
challenge, winning a $275,000 prize.

*Jean-Michel Bouffard*
Comes from Canada's prestigious Communications Research
Centre< http://crc.ca/en/html/crc/home/home> ;,
and is a developer
in the Openmokast < http://www.openmokast.org/> ; project, which is a Openmoko
based platform related to digital broadcasting services.

Registration is free. Please register online here.
< http://fosslc.org/drupal/civicrm/event/register?id=1& ;reset=1>

Venue details
5:00pm to 10:00pm Wednesday February 4th

The Accelerator Centre < http://www.acceleratorcentre.com/home/index.php> ;
295 Hagey Blvd., 1st Floor, West Entrance
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 6R5

There will be food, drinks and prizes

Please go here < http://www.fosslc.org/drupal/node/75> ; to see the most
updated schedule.

If you have any question please email abakh...@fossfactory.org.

Please forward this message to the parties you think will be interested in

Abdullah Bakhach
FOSS Factory
President & co-founder


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