Invitation to upload software to Phoload

by Jamie McDonald » Sat, 18 Oct 2008 00:09:56 GMT

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 Hello everyone,

We would like to invite developers to upload their Android software to
a new community mobile software download website called Phoload
( ).  Phoload launched last month and is designed
to make discovering and downloading free mobile games and applications
simple, easy and fun.  We are very enthusiastic about the Android
platform, so we will be heavily featuring Android content on the site.

Developers can upload freeware, demo/trial and ad-supported software.
We have a simple and efficient upload process and aim to provide a
great service for developers. Developers uploading their software will
receive pages showcasing their products on the site, regular download
reports, and feedback from the user community.

Please take a look at the Phoload, and if you would like to submit
your software, you can do so by visiting: 

Thanks for listening,

Jamie McDonald


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Funky Android Limited is registered in England & Wales with the
company number 6741909. The registered head office is Kemp House,
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