Notification - Getting Pending Notifications

by Siju » Thu, 01 Oct 2009 06:05:54 GMT

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 Is there a way to access pending notification or the previous
notification that my application created?

When I use Notification manager and use its setLatestEventInfo()
method the last notification (with same intent) is updated. This is
exactly what I want but when I update the notification, I want to
access the existing notification's intent and get the key/value paris
(Extras) and use that information to update the notification.

For example in an SMS notification, I want to to get the current
message (key/value pair or message itself) and update that with the
new value. ( For giving the number of notifications, I can use the
Notification.number, but that I want to access more values).

One workaround that I am thinking is to put the data of first
notification in database or in preference and access it when the
second notification comes. But this is not exactly what I want, it is
easier to use the existing notification instead of storing in database
or preferences.

Related Question: What do you suggest I use, Database or Preferences?
Is there a best practise in terms of performance and elegance?

Thanks and regards
Siju Mathew


Notification - Getting Pending Notifications

by Siju » Sat, 03 Oct 2009 19:16:32 GMT

 Hi All,

Any ideas how to do this? Sorry for the reminder mail.

Siju Mathew


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