WiFi in Emulator

by Billy Bob » Sat, 31 Jan 2009 19:50:30 GMT

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 Hi all,

  I've been trying to create a local connection to a computer with a
Socket from the emulator thinking that it would automagically uses a
emulated wifi connection. It doesn't work, in particular because wifi
is not supported on the emulator:
  - Does a Socket connection automatically choose the fastest
connection (the wifi one if it exists).
  - Why wifi not supported by the emulator? Will it be?

   For those in countries still not blessed by the grace of having the
possibility to buy a Gphone, that can be useful...


WiFi in Emulator

by David Turner » Sun, 01 Feb 2009 01:39:17 GMT

 there is a single ethernet port in the emulated system. It is connected to
an internal firewall/router within the emulator code that emulates all
connectivity through standard BSD sockets. Which connection is used depends
entirely on your host machine setup, but wifi or no wifi doesn't have any
importance to the emulated system.

second, wifi is not supported in the emulator because it is darn impossible
to properly emulate that at the low-level protocol layer, and doing any kind
of bridging at a higher layer requires invasive modifications to the system
that would be no use to a normal device (except that they introduce much
more complexity and potential for bugs / security issues).

in the future, we're likely to create emulator-specific system images that
can have all kinds of hacks in them to support whatever weird feature, if
possible. Right now, we're essentially using the same system images for
devices and the emulator, which makes this kind of modifications

(yes, it also means that current device images already have a few
emulator-specific hacks in them, and we want to get rid of them).


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