Regular Emulator Runs... but not my Program (got past the scrolling red bar)

by robertlee42 » Sun, 29 Jun 2008 20:47:31 GMT

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 Hey guys,

I just downloaded Android. I used the tutorial for the HelloWorld, and
ran it... the emulator comes up fine but when it loads, the emulator
comes up with the homescreen of a phone instead of displaying my

Any ideas?

Eclipse shows this:

[2008-06-28 23:33:54 - Android_Hello] Android Launch!
[2008-06-28 23:33:54 - Android_Hello] adb is running normally.
[2008-06-28 23:33:54 - Android_Hello] Launching: Hello.Hello
[2008-06-28 23:33:54 - Android_Hello] Automatic Target Mode: launch
[2008-06-28 23:33:54 - Android_Hello] Launching a new emulator.
[2008-06-28 23:33:55 - Android_Hello] New emulator found: emulator-
[2008-06-28 23:34:00 - Android_Hello] emulator-tcp-5555 disconnected!
Cancelling 'Hello.Hello' launch!



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