O霉? : Android and Faceboo k in a same application

by sylvek » Tue, 03 Mar 2009 19:15:00 GMT

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 to use it.
1. you need to register O by adding a generated code :
 http://www.facebook.com/code_gen.php?v=1.0& ;api_key=a35f127d062de5d648dff53ba6ef74f7
2. you need to authorize change status :
 http://www.facebook.com/authorize.php?v=1.0& ;ext_perm=status_update&api_key=a35f127d062de5d648dff53ba6ef74f7
3. you can launch the application and navigate to the map. You will
see your friends who stored them locations on the facebook application
or android application.


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