by dai » Sat, 13 Sep 2008 13:11:35 GMT

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 hi, are there transition samplaes when changing display?
I know android demo has 3Dtransition sample but I want to do
2Dtransition(?) like iPhone...

Any ideas??
Thank you very much

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1. Interrupted audio playback.


the game I am working on uses SoundPool for sound effects and
MediaPlayer for background music playback.
Input happens enirely through the touch screen, with a 20 mS delay
after each processed MotionEvent.
Sometimes (very rarely) it happens that the background music gets
interrupted for a fraction of a second during input.
Do you have any ideas how to ensure MediaPlayer continues audio
playback during touch screen input?

All audio files are in ogg format with various sample and bit rates.
Would it be an advantage if all audio files would share the same
samplerate and/or bitrate?

Do you have any other ideas how to improve audo playback performance?

Any advice is welcome!
Thanks in advance,


2. How to use CursorJoiner to join two table?

Hi, I have two tables:

Category(_id, name)
Spend(_id, spend, category_id)

I want to join these two tables. I tried to use CursorJoiner:

        Cursor spendCursor = managedQuery(
                new String[] { AccountBook.Spend._ID,
AccountBook.Spend.SPEND, AccountBook.Spend.CATEGORY_ID },
                null, null, AccountBook.Spend.CATEGORY_ID

        Cursor categoryCursor = managedQuery(
                new String[] { AccountBook.Category._ID,
AccountBook.Category.NAME },
                null, null, AccountBook.Category._ID

        CursorJoiner joiner = new CursorJoiner(
                spendCursor, new String[] { AccountBook.Spend.CATEGORY_ID },
                categoryCursor, new String[] { AccountBook.Category._ID }

With following data:

Spend's category_id: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2
Category's _id: 1, 2, 3

I got following results of CursorJoiner :


That's strange, it seems the behavior of CursorJoiner is not like the
behavior of join of usual database. What I want is, list all spends in
list with its category's name.

For example:

Spends (_id, spends, category_id) :
1, 999, 1
2, 55, 2
3, 30, 2
4,, 60, 3

Categories (_id, name):
1, food
2. tips
3. 3C products

And I want the list looks like:

999, food
55, tips
30, tips
60, 3C products

How can I achieve this with Android?

Victor Lin.

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