java SE and the emulator

by kellogs » Sat, 21 Jun 2008 01:20:57 GMT

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I am the happy owner of a desktop computer running on win xp, jdk and android sdk m5.rc14. On this computer I have managed to
develop an application for andoid under eclipse IDE using ADT. I do
not know precisely what version of ADt is installed on my dektop
computer. All went well, my application ran flowlessly :)

Now the time has come for presenting my work .. for that, I shall need
a laptop. So I have acquired one, same XP, jdk, same android
sdk m5.rc14, same eclipse, some newer version of the ADT (of
course, if there was another release in arround 3 months), and,
surpirse: my project does not start appropiately. emulator launches
ok, but just after my first activity gets started, I get a big loooong
screen just oon the emulator saying something like:

"unresolved compilation problems: Syntax error, annotations aare only
available if source level is 5.0.
The type Map is not generic; it cannot be parametrized with arguments
<String, String>
Syyntax error, parametrized types are only available if source level
is 5.0"
etc etc...

Sooo, help please !

thank you,


java SE and the emulator

by kellogs » Thu, 26 Jun 2008 23:54:04 GMT

 No more help needed. Issue solved



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