Show your tax for G1 Dev Phone?

by Margaret » Fri, 02 Jan 2009 12:57:45 GMT

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last night I saw the open handset magazine, one of the author live in
UK written:

He has paid > 500 US Dollar for the G1 Dev phone, 399$ + tax + shipments fee

Tell me yours


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1. Sound interfering with Accelerometer and Orientation sensors?

On my T-Mobile G1 (firmware 1.1, build PLAT-RC33), developing in
SDK1.1r1,  I am experiencing a problem where playing sounds causes the
output of the accelerometer and orientation sensors to fluctuate
wildly.     The degree of fluctuation is directly proportional to the
volume of the sound being played.

I am using SensorManager per the documentation and examples :

<=========  From my implementation of SensorListener>
public void init() {
     SensorManager sm = (SensorManager) cx..getSystemService
     boolean success = sm.registerListener(this,
     // success is true, i.e. no problems acquiring the sensor

public void onSensorChanged(int sensor, float[] values) {
     if (sensor == SensorManager.SENSOR_ORIENTATION) {
          // print/draw/do something with the sensor output in values

I have tried playing sounds with both SoundPool and MediaPlayer, with
identical results.   When a sample is played at max volume the
Orientation sensor outputs will bounce around as much as +-/30
degrees.   All axes are affected.

I have tested and confirmed this behaviour for SENSOR_ACCELEROMETER,
also be impacted, but I haven't tested them.

I have also tested with all of the available sensor resolutions --
SENSOR_DELAY_FASTEST through SENSOR_DELAY_UI.   All result in the same

On a random guess I tried muting the microphone with
AudioManager.setMicrophoneMute(true) -- same results.

I thought to try testing this in the Android emulator to see if it
might be hardware-related, but unfortunately there is currently no
accelerometer/orientation sensor support in the emulator.

Is this a known problem?  Or am I doing something wrong here?



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