Is it possible to use widget in my app

by MathiasL » Fri, 10 Sep 2010 00:22:19 GMT

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 I just realized i might have posted this question in the wrong group,
hence I try again.

I'm writing an app where the user should be able to enter a phone
number, or choose one from Contacts.

I've found a preference widget that does exactly what I want. The
problem is that I don't know how to use it in my app.
Is it even possible?

The widget I'm talking about is

I found it browsing the source at
in [platform/packages/apps/Phone.git] / res / xml /

<PreferenceScreen android:key="button_voicemail_setting_key"

     <!-- Note for all

    The last several attributes are for use with the EditText field
    in the dialog.  These attributes are forwarded to that field
    when the edittext is created.  The attributes include:
      1. android:singleLine
      2. android:autoText
      3. android:background -->

         android:autoText="false" />

Since I'm quite lazy I prefer to reuse existing code instead of
rewriting things myself.

Is there a way to accomplish the above without duplicating the
EditPhoneNumberPreference functionality in a custom preference?



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