Which one to buy ? Droid x vs nexus one ?

by Kim D. » Mon, 19 Jul 2010 16:55:34 GMT

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For my tests I have to buy a real android phone. Emulator is cool but
I need a real one to really test my application.

Does anyone know which one is the more representative and the best to
test my application ? (my target is android 2.2)



Which one to buy ? Droid x vs nexus one ?

by String » Mon, 19 Jul 2010 20:26:27 GMT

 If you're using 2.2 features, the Nexus One is currently your only
hardware choice for an officially-supported 2.2 build. 2.2 is only
available for other handsets on custom ROMs, and this does not include
the Droid X at present. Given the apparent lockdown of the X by
Motorola, it may never run custom ROMs.

But even apart from that, IMHO the Nexus One is the closest thing to a
reference handset for the current generation of Android devices, and
it has the best developer support from Google. It'd get my vote as
your best choice for a dev phone.



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