Interconnecting emulators by networ

by Dries Harnie » Sun, 31 Jan 2010 04:14:39 GMT

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As part of my work on the Android platform I needed emulators to 'see'
each other.
I asked around on the #android IRC channel and apparently this was the
best place to announce my patches.

Currently, emulators are all separated from the real world because
they are in a private subnet, not connected to the outside world.
These patches install a second network card which allows emulators to
talk among themselves.

I have uploaded the patches to Gerrit:
This patch enables the extra network card in the OS and sets up
multicast routing on this card.
This patch enables the -my-ip option in the emulator. If this option
is not given, the emulator works exactly like it does now.

During development I also noticed that the "socket" networking of QEMU
is broken. I have fixed this in a separate patch but I did not know
how to make the other patches depend on it:
This patch fixes networking for QEMU network cards using the "socket"

If this was not the correct place to publish this information, please
let me know and steer me in the right direction :)

Dries Harnie


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