porting liboverlay

by Sambhav » Fri, 07 May 2010 21:48:38 GMT

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By default overlay module at *hardware\libhardware\modules\overlay* is a
skeleton implementation.
I am calling the V4L2 driver calls from these functions.
I have build the module - liboverlay.so

Where should I indicate that Overlay calls made from *
frameworks/base/libs/ui/Overlay.cpp* to use the services from *liboverlay.so
*created above.



porting liboverlay

by Deva R » Mon, 10 May 2010 22:39:18 GMT

 when overlay is created, it walks through overlay hardware module

so, instead of generating generic liboverlay.so, its better to generate
module with hardware name appeneded.

you can update your overlay -> Android.mk module name as below..

Not sure if you leave it as just liboverlay.so, it will work or not..

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porting liboverlay

by Sambhav » Mon, 10 May 2010 23:49:25 GMT

 when hw_get_module is called the hardware.c forms the complete path to the
library based on certain predefined values which by default comes to

Another things is in the sample

sp<OverlayRef> ref = isurface->createOverlay(320, 240,

ref is used in sp<Overlay> overlay = new Overlay(ref);

which comes to the code give below.

    if (overlayRef != 0) {
        if (hw_get_module(OVERLAY_HARDWARE_MODULE_ID, &module) == 0) {
            if (overlay_data_open(module, &mOverlayData) == NO_ERROR) {
               mStatus = mOverlayData->initialize(mOverlayData,

However the condition is failing  if (overlayRef != 0) and hence overlay
object creation fails.

Any idea on what is going wrong ?

the function isurface->createOverlay
comes to
remote()->transact(CREATE_OVERLAY, data, &reply); in
from here I was not able to trace where the control is going to.

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