by Andhravaala » Mon, 17 Aug 2009 21:02:07 GMT

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I have a requirement to test an Activity (by sending key stroke events
programatically) of one App from another App. Is Instrumentation is
only way to achieve this ?


Is there any other way to do this ?

Please help me in this...

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I try to connect to the ridl process in my application using adapted
code find in But I get a "Permission denied" exception when
the socket is connected. Here is the code
                try {
                    s = new LocalSocket();
                    l = new LocalSocketAddress(SOCKET_NAME_RIL,
                } catch (IOException ex){
                    try {
                        if (s != null) {

where SOCKET_NAME_RIL = "rild".
The /dev/socket/ridl file has root/radio owner. What can I do with my
application to be able to connect to ridl. I also search in the
PhoneApp application (taht establish such a connection), but I find

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I have the following problem.
I was developing in android using the eclipse and android-sdk-windows
saved in an folder (e.g. C:\android\android-sdk_r07-windows\android-
sdk-windows\  and
C:\android\eclipse-pulsar-helios-win32) .

But after i downloaded and installed  the eclipse and android sdk
again, in the after folder , i got this error message: "Failed to
parse the output of 'adb version' " and can't run my application,
because the emutaros that starts is not identified by the eclipse, i
can't find it into "Devices" tab from eclipse.

I found from the net  the following
"Try closing Eclipse, issuing a 'C:\Users\Mohit\Documents\AndroidSDK
\tools kill-server' command from terminal and retrying.
If that still doesn't work, you could try opening Activity Monitor to
see if there are any existing adb processes running, and kill them. "
but i am using Windows XP and i don't know how to use kill-server
command from the terminal.
I mean in run/cmd there are is no such a command
or how can i use the second solution - to open Activity Monitor from
Windows XP

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