Problem with Simple Audio Recorder Application : Android

by Jason » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 10:53:19 GMT

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I have written a simple Application to record audio.

SD card is enabled in emulator using "./emulator -sdcard sd_card.img".
when i enter this command, it displays warning saying "Audio output is

the application runs properly but i cant see the recorded file.

output file is set to "sdcard/test.3gpp" (setOutputFile("/sdcard/test.

earlier i used "environment.getExternalStorageDirectory()" option to
get the path.. den i could see the recorded contents in "Music - >
Songs" in Emulator. But when i tried to play those, it says format not
supported("sorry, the player doesnot support this kind of audio
file"). i pulled that file using ADB ( "adb pull local_file /sdcard/
remote_file") on to system and tried to play it but unsuccessful.

I have altered the Android manifest file to give the AUDIO permission
aftre the <intent filter >field in the file.

Plesae help me....

Thanks in Advance....


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