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 Hey there

Oren here, Co-Founder of  and fresh in
the group!
I wanted to quickly introduce myself and our service to you all. Hope
that's cool? :)

We specialize in managing Mobile App Marketing campaigns and helping
up-and-coming mobile app developers as well as established brands
promote their apps within the social media landscape. We work directly
with industry leading bloggers in order to increase awareness and
branding for our clients.

There are 3 main areas which we specialize in.

Consulting: From the concept to usability phase through

Optimization: Both through the App store descriptions and reviews and
on your website to increase visibility via user searches.

Promotional: by working with a network of targeted bloggers from
various industries "kids, tech, business, sports, etc.." in order to
promote your app to the web's most active audiences. We spark the
conversations that get people talking and sharing your app.

We'd love to get to know you and the apps you're working on and find
out how we can get involved!
Reach out to us. We're also on 


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