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 Hey there

Oren here, Co-Founder of  and fresh in
the group!
I wanted to quickly introduce myself and our service to you all. Hope
that's cool? :)

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There are 3 main areas which we specialize in.

Consulting: From the concept to usability phase through

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We'd love to get to know you and the apps you're working on and find
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1. Creating separate topic branches off android-sdk-1.5_r3

      I would like to create two topic branches off the android-
sdk-1.5_r3 head.

One branch is to manage the v2.6.29 changes to make android work with
the overo platform. The other branch is to work on regenerating and
modifying the bionic libc headers for v2.6.31 kernel, since that now
has omap power management included.

When I use the repo start <topic> <project>  command, how do I specify
that it is supposed to use the android-sdk-1.5_r3 head?

For example, if I download the android-sdk-1.5_r3 sources using the
following command

$ mkdir android
$ cd android
$ repo init -u git:// -b

and start a new topic branch for omap-overo-2.6.29 using the following

$ repo start omap-overo-2.6.29 bionic build development external/qemu/
external/wpa_supplicant frameworks/base hardware/libhardware_legacy

and then immediately issue the following command to start another
topic branch for omap-overo-2.6.31:

$ repo start omap-overo-2.6.31 bionic build development external/qemu/
external/wpa_supplicant frameworks/base hardware/libhardware_legacy

won't the v2.6.31 branch be based on the v2.6.29 branch, instead of
branching off directly from android-sdk-1.5_r3?

How do I get both branches to branch off origin/android-sdk-1.5_r3
using repo?

Best regards,



2. Creating separate topic branches off android-sdk-1.5_r3

Branches created by repo start always branch from the trunk (and track it).


Jean-Baptiste M. "JBQ" Queru
Software Engineer, Android Open-Source Project, Google.

Questions sent directly to me that have no reason for being private
will likely get ignored or forwarded to a public forum with no further


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