Scrolling a dynamically filled AbsoluteLayout.

by rocrail » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:03:42 GMT

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I'm searching for a few days now but I cannot find a scrolling
solution for the following layout:

<ScrollView xmlns:android=" 
android:layout_height="fill_parent" >
  <LinearLayout android:layout_width="1024px"
  <AbsoluteLayout android:layout_width="1024px" android:id="@+id/
android:layout_height="1024px" android:minHeight="1024px"

The 1024px are set to test but should be dynamically set to the needed
width and height during runtime.
Vertically scrolling works, but I do not get it horizontally scrolling
See the screen shot of the 'Layout level' view in action: #qvga_gallery

Any advice? Or do I have a design problem in this layout?

Best regards,
Rob Versluis. 


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