Detect Google map moving

by Kč°©roly Holczhauser » Sat, 05 Jun 2010 06:38:53 GMT

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 Hi all !

  I have a google map included on my phone. I would like to ask, how can I
detect the user has pointed the screen and he/she moved a map away from the
current location ?
 I'm going to make a navigation system witch always following the user's
icon on the map as he/she is moving, but he/she touch the screen and move
the map away  I would like to stop the automatic tracking service:)

 I need some event, what I should listen or something like that:) or any
good idea.
  Please, help me I you can, Thx : Karoly


Detect Google map moving

by TreKing » Mon, 07 Jun 2010 22:09:18 GMT

 2010/6/4 Kroly Holczhauser <>

Have you looked at the Maps API documentation? There are various methods
that indicate a touch, key press, or tap on the screen has occurred.

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