MapActivity background process

by coolxeo » Wed, 14 Apr 2010 03:03:44 GMT

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 I'm trying to launch a request to reflect changes in MapActivity. On a
simple Activity it works but not in MapActivity

Thanks in advance


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I have seen a number of threads discussing the deprecation of
AbsoluteLayout.  I'm a little fearful of reading third-party blogs
that suggest solutions to the deprecation because in some discussion
threads the Google employees have explicitly said the blogs contain
misunderstandings or inaccuracies.

So, I need to know how to implement my app's behavior without
AbsoluteLayout.  I would greatly appreciate any input people might
have, especially the real pros, the Android dev team who, by
deprecating AbsoluteLayout, must have a clear picture in their heads
of how to reorganize code to be up-to-date to achieve the same
functionality.  Romain Guy, Diane Hackborn, I'm looking your
direction.  :-)

The relevant part of my app is a single large View covering the
majority of the screen, a subclass of my own creation, whose onDraw
basically paints a complicated bitmapped canvas.  Subsequently, I
repeatedly add and remove (or set visibility to VISIBLE and GONE,
that's actually the approach I've taken) an EditText (also subclasses
with unique behavior) which I must frequently reposition to pixel
precision over the background canvas.  I currently do this by setting
up a new LayoutParams with the EditText's new location and then
calling AbsoluteLayout.updateViewLayout on the EditText.  Works like a

So, a single screen-spanning View drawn with a bitmap, overlaid with a
single EditText which must be positioned to pixel precision, and set
VISIBLE and GONE periodically, and be moved from location to location
from time to time.

Million dollar question: Without using AbsoluteLayout, what is the
official Android/Google endorsed method for implementing this
behavior?  FrameLayout and RelativeLayout seem -- at the least --
rather indirect in this situation where AbsoluteLayout provides a
literal interpretation of my app's behavior: one view positioned
arbitrarily over another view.  Am I incorrect?  Can one or both of
them achieve this behavior as painlessly as AbsoluteLayout?

Thank you.

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Hi all,

Wanted to develop a mobile application for Android devices that stores
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"always connected", I wanted to try the approach of "sometimes
connected" scenario.

I was thinking in using MySQL as server backend, but new to Android
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What about Google Gears?

Thanks very much in advance.


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