message during install: "... has an ealier definition; blocking out"

by Jakob Sachse » Tue, 25 Nov 2008 19:13:24 GMT

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 what does this mean?

the information is not sufficient, where have those definitions been
In the one project that during install caused the message, in the
android.jar in other project apk's?

I double checked my sources and libs and can't find classes that are
defined more that once.

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Saurik has all the info already, although its not that hard to get if
you have a network sniffer and/or willingness to hack on the
framework. The problem is the market T&C.
"5.3 You agree not to access (or attempt to access) any of the
Services by any means other than through the interface that is
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I'm sure there is a T&C specific to market data, but its not linked to
the site (Not surprisingly, the website T&C looks
like their generic version. Seems to work well enough though..)


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Hi everyone:
    I'm porting dalvikvm to an arm-similar processor, and  now i can
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              System.out.println("Hello, world!\n");

    When dvmCallStaticMethod() function is being executed(yes i can
sure that it is called), I can't see the output messages-"Hello,
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org.apache.harmony.niochar.internal.nls.messages_en_US, Dalvik VM said
that it cannot find this class.
    But I cannot find any source codes about this class

    Does anyone know or meet this problem? Thanks very much!!!

    PS: I want to ask that whether it has relationship with the
android-linux-kernel that I cannot see the "Hello, world"?


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