Dreaming of Electric Sheep

by Peter Groman » Tue, 15 Jun 2010 15:49:07 GMT

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 Hello All,

Very "newbie" Android SDK... I am interested in begging android development.
I have pair of related applications  in mind that I want to develop rather
quickly.  I tend to learn better when I'm learning while actively working
toward my "goal app", and I've got Eclipse and the SDK installed and
running, so I decided to jump right in.  

In hindsight, that probably wasn't the best thing to do, since I don't know
much Java or Linux. I've been more of a Networking, SQL, VBA, VB.NET, MS
kinda guy.  But I have a (now distant) background in several other
languages, so I thought it could not be that hard (ha ha on me).  I quickly
found out that I'm not familiar with the tools (eclipse? Emulator?) nor the
concepts (Activity?  What?).  

What I want to do sounds relatively simple.

App 1:  Load at startup, Read some system values (Time, GPS, etc), write to
a TXT file on the SD card.
App 2:  Loaded manually, read from the TXT file, display textual information
in a tab form.  Email the TXT file.

So far, I have added a tab form and 3 blank activities.  And I've got errors
already. (R.drawable.ic_tab_Help can not be resolved) etc...

I know that's kind of a overly general, wide-scoped kind of request, but any
help would be much appreciated.



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