delete_handle resolution help

by Coffee » Sun, 07 Mar 2010 03:07:56 GMT

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 Hey, I'm trying to make a advanced Sense UI taskbar theme for Droid...
one of the images is bigger in resolution (not file size), than the
original image... the image is shown, but squashed.

Is there a file in the launcher.apk that gives size restrictions?
Where do I need to go to edit the allowed dimension size? If this
works, I can have a cool little trick.

Thanks! I can't wait to get this done.


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Ok, is what I realized after doing some test, but I wanted to have a
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Thanks you for your information. I didn't know it was owned by Google. Maybe we 
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The Market APK is owned by Google and they don freely
distribute it.
I'd suggest using a freely distributed alternative to access another
app directory (such as :)).


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I am using Android on my OpenMoko freerunner GTA02 that i have compiled by my
own but i don't have any "Android Market" application that we can
found on commercial mobiles such as HTC G1 ?

Is there a web site where i can download such apk android package ?




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