Contacting Market Customers

by momojo » Fri, 09 Apr 2010 19:01:20 GMT

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 I have an app which relies on a  3rd party service. I usually have
about a 75% retention rate and good ratings all around. The other day
the service my app uses had some technical difficulties. This caused
my app to FC for many users and unfortunatley those are usually the
customers that rank an App. I would like to contact the customers that
purchased that day to explain what the problem was. Is this allowable
by Google Checkout Terms?


Contacting Market Customers

by ~ TreKing » Fri, 09 Apr 2010 22:23:50 GMT


Did you, you know, read the terms? =P

I haven't, but you do get a contact email with each purchase that I assume
gets forwarded to the customers. I assume the point of this is for you to
contact your customers, so I don't see how this would not be allowable.

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