adb USB gadget driver now available

by Shivdas » Mon, 24 Nov 2008 13:57:53 GMT

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 Hi Mike,

Does this driver works with Linux, because as I see its enumerating as
a Vendor specific device, with ProductId 0001 and Vendor Id 0x18d1

Have you written any specific driver for Linux/windows at Host side to
communicate with this?


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adb USB gadget driver now available

by Mike Lockwood » Mon, 24 Nov 2008 14:35:53 GMT


Yes, this driver works with Linux, Windows and Mac.  It works with the
adb tool included in the android SDK or with the adb built from the
android source code available from

The 0x18d1 vendor ID belongs to Google.  If you ship your own device,
you will need to get your own vendor ID from  You will also
need to modify the is_adb_interface() function in transport_usb.c in
the adb source code.  The adb source code for adb is available at: ;a=tree;f=adb.
 This code includes both the host and device side adb.

No host side driver is necessary for Mac or Linux.  For Windows, a
driver is available at  This driver is 
set up to communicate with the T-Mobile G1.  You will need to modify
the *.inf file that comes with the driver to match VID/PID used by
your device.


Mike Lockwood
Google android team

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