dalvikvm-heap: Can't create VM heap of size 262144

by billyma...@gmail.com » Tue, 03 Feb 2009 17:53:17 GMT

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I am porting android to an armv5 platform. It works except at the end
I get a can't create VM heap message. The target device has no memory
issues, 44MB free memory. Anyone seen this heap problem before? Here
is the output:


binder_open: 732:732
binder_mmap: 732 40008000-40028000 (128 K) vma 71 pagep 5f
binder: 732: allocate pages c4900000-c4901000
binder: 732: add free buffer, size 131032, at c4900000
binder: 732:732 node 1 u00000000 c00000000 created
binder: 732:732 write 4 at bee52b18, read 0 at 00000000
binder: 732:732 BC_ENTER_LOOPER
binder: 732:732 wrote 4 of 4, read return 0 of 0
binder: 732:732 write 0 at 00000000, read 128 at bee52b18

 dalvikvmGC freed 766 objects / 47432 bytes in 43ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 379 objects / 23528 bytes in 44ms
 dalvikvmTrying to load lib /system/lib/libwebcore.so 0x0
 dalvikvmAdded shared lib /system/lib/libwebcore.so 0x0
 dalvikvmGC freed 448 objects / 28280 bytes in 45ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 380 objects / 26056 bytes in 46ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 292 objects / 19336 bytes in 48ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 2149 objects / 112424 bytes in 54ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 556 objects / 42976 bytes in 52ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 13919 objects / 485504 bytes in 79ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 10807 objects / 454032 bytes in 81ms
 SSLSocketFactoryUsing factory
dalvikvmGC freed 6662 objects / 282960 bytes in 75ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 645 objects / 35152 bytes in 67ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 590 objects / 30552 bytes in 71ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 372 objects / 26384 bytes in 72ms
 Zygote...preloaded 909 classes in 13193ms. dalvikvmGC freed 41
objects / 2376 bytes in 70ms
 ZygotePreloading resources... dalvikvmGC freed 6 objects / 8928 bytes
in 86ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 198 objects / 10200 bytes in 74ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 253 objects / 10120 bytes in 75ms
 Zygote...preloaded 42 resources in 1009ms. dalvikvmGC freed 15
objects / 1704 bytes in 74ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 99 objects / 3928 bytes in 74ms
 dalvikvmGC freed 30 objects / 1112 bytes in 74ms
 dalvikvmSplitting out new zygote heap
 dalvikvm-heapCan't create VM heap of size 262144
 dalvikvmerror in post-zygote initialization
 dalvikvmVM aborting
 ZygoteProcess 1001 terminated by signal (11)
ZygoteZygote SIGCHLD error (10) in waitpid
 dalvikvmSystem server process 1001 has been created ZygoteAccepting
command socket connections



dalvikvm-heap: Can't create VM heap of size 262144

by fadden » Wed, 04 Feb 2009 00:48:00 GMT

 On Feb 3, 9:53am, "billyma...@gmail.com" <billyma...@gmail.com>

The failure message comes from dalvik/vm/alloc/HeapSource.c, which is
calling create_contiguous_mspace_with_name() unsuccessfully.  Over in
system/core/libcutils/mspace.c you can see it calling
ashmem_create_region(); there's a reasonable chance that this is
what's failing.  You'll want to check the return value and errno from
that call to see.



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dalvikvm-heap: Can't create VM heap of size 262144

by fadden » Thu, 05 Feb 2009 01:14:53 GMT


That's a segmentation fault, so it's crashing somewhere.  You need to
get a native stack trace somehow, perhaps by capturing a core dump or
running it under gdbserver.

stdout/stderr are redirected to /dev/null at some point in the
proceedings, but the underlying log calls are part of libc and hence
usable from anywhere.  You can also fopen() something temporarily and
dump status info into it (turning buffering off might be prudent).



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