PlayScreen launches portal with 20 free games for the new T-Mobile G1 (Google Android) Phone.

by William D. Volk » Fri, 24 Oct 2008 00:03:06 GMT

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 News about our web-portal for the G1.

PlayScreen launches portal with 20 free games for the new T-Mobile G1  
(Google Android) Phone.

G1 owners won have to wait for great mobile entertainment at .

SAN DIEGO - Oct, 23rd, 2008.  The company that launched the first  
iPhone web-based games has announced the release of 20 web-based  
titles and its first downloadable game for the new T-Mobile G1  
Google AndroidPhone.   Titles include casual, action, puzzle and  
social games.

"These ad-supported titles take advantage of the advanced browser on  
the new G1 phone" said William Volk, president and CEO of PlayScreen.  
"Titles include solitaire, bowling, sudoku, solitaire, backgammon,  
darts, golf and other popular games."

layScreen is applying its considerable experience in advanced mobile  
technology to bring these titles to consumerscommented PlayScreen  
President Sherri Cuono. here are no installs required and these  
games are played instantly via the browser.  We're also going to make  
downloadable versions of these games available when Goggle App  
Market launches.
ith all the excitement over this new phone and operating system we  
wanted to make sure consumers didn have to wait for their favorite  
gamesadded William Volk.

PlayScreen and the PlayScreen logo are trademarks of MyNuMo, LLC. All  
other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About PlayScreen: San Diego based PlayScreen is a social entertainment  
company delivering mobile social games, ringtones, wallpapers, videos,  
and text services on all major US Carriers.  More Details about  
PlayScreen at .  (PlayScreen is a trademark of  
MyNuMo, LLC.)
Contact: [EMAIL PROTECTED] +1 858 692 1124

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